The digiChart OB/GYN EHR is the only EHR that mimics the workflow of the OB/GYN practice, improves clinical decision-making and gives all providers the same level of documentation capabilities, rules, alerts and reminders to enhance patient care.

Access data anytime, anywherevisits

Your EHR should be accessible whenever and wherever you need it. digiChart uses the latest cloud-computing technology so that critical patient data is available in your office, in the hospital Labor and Delivery department, or on the road. All you need is an internet connection to review patient information.

Immediate electronic access to the Antepartum RecordAntepartum_Record

digiChart incorporates the complete Antepartum record (forms A through U) and the progress note in the EHR – meaning that data is entered once. No manual transcription needed.

Patient_HistoryMore time with your patients

With our integrated portal patients communicate their medical history prior to office visits, leaving you more time to spend on exams, treatment plans and counseling. In fact, 35% of patients are online within the first week, and 85% within the first six months.

No more templates to buildMedical Decision Making

With medical decision-making and e-prescribing you can quickly select diagnoses, procedures, medications and education materials for each type of encounter. Easily order and e-prescribe your own set of frequently used medications. This cloud-based system comes preloaded with more than 40 easy-to-edit clinical treatment plans covering most women’s health issues.

No more lost call slip or lost notesCommunication_Mgmt

Our communication management and inbox system can easily document all phone calls and tasks and automatically route to the appropriate person within the practice for follow-up.

Keep all information in one placePast_Due_Labs

Pull ultrasound images and reports directly into a patient’s chart. Order labs and electronically receive test results from national and local laboratories.

Improve practice efficiency and profitability

No more pulling charts or lost charts. Reduce your monthly recurring costs while making your practice efficient.

Achieve consistent, legible clinical documentation across all providers

Being on call and covering for partners is made easier and more comprehensive for improved patient care.

Get more for your money with accurate coding and billing

Based on clinical data entered and approved in each patient’s chart, digiChart automatically recommends E&M codes for review and manual entry into your practice management system.

Have a practice management system?

digiChart seamlessly integrates with more than 50 different practice management systems and will incorporate into your existing practice management system.

Easy Implementation with proper training

Every digiChart customer is assigned a team to walk you through every step of implementation from kickoff to go-live so that you get set up as quickly as possible, with the proper training and support, and with as little disruption or effort on your part as possible.

An OB/GYN-specific team built for you

Our technical support specialists are available to help with any questions or problems and ensure that you get the most out of your EHR.

The digiChart OB/GYN EHR was built for OB/GYNs, by OB/GYNs. We understand the unique demands of the OB/GYN practice and developed a solution to work the way your office works.




Single focus on OB/GYN



Cloud-based anytime-anywhere access


Some, but not all

Preloaded OB/GYN clinical treatment plans



Immediate L&D access to the Antepartum Record



Automatic upgrades and updates to CPT and ICD-9/10 codes



OB/GYN specific patient portal



digiChart EHR is used by more than 1,000 practitioners in more than 350 practices across the U.S. Here’s what a few of them have to say:

 “The phone management system has significantly improved our triage. In the ‘information age,’ we have to deliver some care over the phone, and this solution allow us to deliver safer and more effective care because our nurses can access clear, consistent information for each patient. Also, we can track every encounter and know who need to do what for the patient. It’s an invaluable feature of the system.”

– Richard Boesel, MD, CEO, Greater Carolinas Women’s Center, Charlotte, N.C.

“Phone encounters have improved patient care immensely. Without the need to pull charts on every phone call, messages are returned immediately, especially if highlighted in red. The ability to access patient charts 24/7 anywhere there is Internet access is phenomenal, especially on the L&D floor or the emergency room at the hospital.”

– Maxine Klein, MD, Gynecology and Obstetrics, Hartford, Conn.

“I have recommended DigiChart for many years and I will continue to recommend DigiChart.”

– Dr. John Wilters, OB/GYN

“We looked at many other programs, even those that were less expensive, but ultimately we chose DigiChart, because it met our needs and was easiest to use.”

– Dr. Hamburger, OB/GYN