Mobile Patient Engagement

TouchPoint is a two-way mobile text messaging system designed to improve patient communication, enhance patient engagement, and reduce the amount of phone calls and staff time required to coordinate patient appointments.

Studies show that people pay attention to mobile messages: 98% get read, typically within 5 minutes. Mobile messages are easy to read, write and respond to, even if the patient is at work, in a meeting or away from home.

How TouchPoint can work for you:

Mobile Text Communication to patient before a surgical procedure:

5-7 DAYS PRIOR: “Please do not forget your appointment is March 21 at 9 a.m. at Women’s OB-GYN.”

3 DAYS PRIOR: “Review your pre-appointment protocols and text or call us at 615.555.5555 if you have any questions.”

Mobile Text Communication to patient after a surgical procedure:

3 DAYS AFTER:  “We are just checking in to see how you are doing. Please respond via text or call 615.555.5555 with any questions or comments.”

6 DAYS AFTER:  “If you have not already scheduled your post-appointment follow up visit, it is important to do so. Text or call us at 615.555.5555.”

2 DAYS PRIOR: “Please ARRIVE at 7 a.m. for your 9 a.m. appointment on March 21. Arriving early increases the likelihood there are no delays.”

1 DAY PRIOR: “Do not eat or drink anything after midnight tonight. This is VERY important. Your appointment may be cancelled if you do not comply.”

Artemis Advantage:

√ Keep a full schedule √ Boost staff productivity
√ Reduce missed appointments and cancellations √ Develop a patient recall system
√ Communicate office delays √ Wish your patients a Happy Birthday
√ Improve patient satisfaction

Boost revenue with a cost-neutral solution

TouchPoint can deliver a 20% reduction in no-shows, saving thousands of dollars each month.

“This tool is a natural, comfortable, and convenient way for us to communicate with patients who already use text messaging in their everyday lives. It saves time for us and them. Our practice is more efficient and we are better connected to our patients.”

– Celina Green, Women’s Health Center, Clarksville, Tenn.